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Adhesion – Full Ceramic Restaurations

Adhesion is a course for dental colleagues who are interested in making full ceramic restorations (veneers, crowns, inlays) and who want to give their patients all the benefits of these kinds of restorations (high aesthetics, hard tissue preservation, increased predictability).

If you have attended the structure course, you will again come across the didactic format and the clearly explained and argued ideas that we have accustomed you to, so that the learner will leave equipped with the necessary confidence and clear protocols they need to perform treatments with all-ceramic restorations.”

THE THEORETICAL PART will discuss topics such as:
– partial preparation designs for veneers, inlays
– zirconium crown preparations
– instrumentation for minimally invasive preparations
– provisional techniques for partial restorations
– protocols for adhesive fixation of all-ceramic restorations
– materials required for fixation
– protocols for fixing zirconia restorations
– effective isolation of prosthetic bridges
– dam isolation for adhesive fixation in various situations
– instrumentation required for proper dam isolation
– finishing restorations after fixation (technique and instrumentation)

THE PRACTICAL PART will allow the trainees to practise manoeuvres such as:
– facet and on-lay preparations on working model
– making provisionals on the model
– isolation of the prosthetic field with a dam
– adhesive fixation of restorations and their finishing

Adhesion – Full Ceramic Restaurations clinica rugina

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