Full Circle Reabilitare orala completa clinica rugina dr alex rugina

Full Circle


Restorative dentistry has always been my passion. I can say that I didn’t choose this field, it chose me. I realised early on that satisfaction is not only provided by the end result but also by the journey. Complexity fosters creativity.

When we have the certainty of a precise diagnosis, a treatment plan with clear goals and we know the best ways to achieve these goals, complex rehabilitation becomes a pleasure.

Imagine the comfort that can come from knowing that whatever case we have in front of us, we can know and arrive at the best treatment option.

Full Circle is a Comprehensive Oral Rehabilitation course at the end of which therapeutic decisions will be made easily and logically, treatment techniques will be clear, results will become predictable and, of course, operator comfort will increase. It consists of 4 modules balanced in subject matter, it includes hands-on, live-op, homework and discussions. These are separated by a few weeks in-between, so that the information acquired can be applied clinically.

Full Circle Modules – Full Oral Rehabilitation

Module Full Circle – Reabilitare Orală Completă

Galerie Foto Full Circle – Reabilitare Orală Completă

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